KOLLTRONIC F Series laser

The new fiber laser platform builds upon SK LASER highly popular KOLLTRONIC range bringing new levels of flexibility and performance, delivering substantial commercial advantages over alternative technologies.
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KOLLTRONIC® Innovative Technologie

The flexibility of the KOLLTRONIC laser addresses multiple laser marking and micro-machining applications across a wide range of industries. Performance is particularly good for the following:

  • Faster Processing
  • Reduced Energy Bills
  • Greater Reliability
  • Small Manufacturing Footprint
  • Single Unit, Multiple Application
  • 50.000 hours maintenance free

Key features

  • 10W - 50W
  • M² Beam Quality
  • Up to 20kW
  • Up to 1.25mJ Pulse Energy


  • Marking
  • Engraving
  • Drilling
  • Fine Engraving
  • Micro-machining
  • Precision Cutting
  • Thin Film Patterning


  • Metal
  • Automotive
  • Electronics
  • Energy
  • Semi conductor
  • Solar

Key Benefits and Features

Our CO2 lasers and our Flyer Marking head can be used to quickly and permanently mark alphanumerics, logos, and bar codes into a variety of materials at high speed.

Connector, computer chip, and PCB manufacturers are experiencing the benefits of laser marking. KOLLTRONIC lasers can also mark plastics, wood, paper, ceramic and coated metals, to name a few.

Among the outstanding features offered by laser marking are improved reliability and throughput.

Robust and reliable device. Low operational cost is the great advantage of this laser.

  • easy to use and graphics orientated software
  • wide range of applications : barcode, datamatrix, serial numbers, personalised data
  • red Box indicates the position of the laser data on your product for easy setting up a new job (option)
  • red pointer laser for precisely adjusting the focus (option)
  • marking on the fly function (MOTF)
  • performance options : 10 W, 30 W, 60 W, 80 W
  • optimal size: easy to be integrated into production lines
  • high efficiency – low electricity consumption
  • prevents production interruptions – little demand for maintenance
  • industrial communication : RS 232, Ethernet, USB, (Profibus DP as option)

Due to the CO - laser properties the laser fits best to the following applications: packages made of paper, carton, wood and similar materials.
Branch industries: food & beverages, cosmetics, electronics, engineering & construction

Also available as 10W, 20W, 30W and 50W systems or integrated workstation in laserclass 1. We integrate your systems into your production line

Powerful and versatile laser marking, engraving and cutting solutions. SK LASER offers a broad range of entry-level laser solutions that can process multiple materials and diverse applications with speed, accuracy and fine feature detail. Using the KOLLTRONIC® Laser F -Series in steel and plastics industrial applications will offer best results with high speed laser marking and laser engraving.

Τεχνικά Χαρακτηριστικά

Power 10W, 20W, 30W and 50W
Working area standard = 105 x 105 mm
Optional = 55 x 55 mm,
150 x 150mm; 210 x 210mm
Speed up to 5,000 mm/s
Caracter height 0,1 mm to max of laser field
Min. Line width 0,05 mm, optional 0,01mm
Safety Laser class 4
Input/Output Emergency stop ,analog und digital in/out (5 V / 24 V) for System Integration
Defaul tmessage Red yellow, green Option: alarm beacon
Communication RS 232, Ethernet, USB, Profibus DB
Computer Windows XP
Weight appr. 12kg
Key On/Off, emergency stop, red pointer on/off
Laser head
Dimension width 130 mm; height 160 mm; length570 mm;
Weight appr. 8kg
Housing coated steel in RAL 3000
Fiber fibre cable 2 m
Power supply 230V 50 Hz
Consumption Max 500 W
Cooling air cooler
Operating temperature +5 to +35 °C

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